Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequent questions we get asked, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01702 299540

Ideally DXF/DWG for AutoCad, however, we work just as well with PDF, Adobe Photoshop, and just about any type including the good old "hand sketch"

How many sheets can you stack?

It depends upon the smallest internal Radius.  WHY?
If you need a 3mm internal radius, that means we will use a 6mm diameter cutter which has a cut length of 12mm, so if we were cutting 3mm thick material we can stack 4 high and with 2 heads, we will produce 8 components at a time.
If the smallest internal radius is 8mm we would use a 16mm diameter tool which means we can cut up to 32mm thick (10 sheets of 3mm) with 2 heads so we produce 20 components at a time.

What is the smallest component ProCut can clamp?

Pretty well anything that is a bit bigger than your hand.

How fast does the machine go?

15 metres a minute. However, it's a intelligent machine so it thinks forward to where it has to go and if there is a sharp angle around which it has to go it automatically adjusts its cutting speed in order to make the turn so that accuracy and finish are maintained. So, the number of angles (turns) will slow the cutting process, therefore, on small or intricate work, cutting speeds can drop to 0.4/0.5 metres a minute.

What sheet size can ProCut handle?

We can handle any size sheet up 3m x 2m

What type of materials can ProCut handle

Acrylic, P.V.C, Polycarbonate, Styrene, P.E.T.G, D.R, HIPS, Mirror, Di Bond in fact any rigid sheet plastic as well as Wood, MDF, and all non ferrous material such as Aluminium, Brass, Bronze etc.

Who supplies the Material?

Whilst ProCut is one of the UK’s largest processor of sheet materials we are happy for our customers to supply their own material, which allows them, better cost control.

Why does ProCut think it can do it better, quicker & cheaper?

It is all due to the investment in our state of the art machining technology.
With the only three metre by two metre multi-head, multi-stacking routers in Europe we can potentially produce twenty components to a conventional routers’ one.

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