Oct 25, 2010

What is CNC Routing & CNC Cutting?

We mention CNC Routing and CNC Machining around this website alot, so we wanted to give you a true definition of what CNC Routing and cutting is, the benefits of utilising this technology and how we use it at PC abaclix.
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What is CNC Routing & CNC Cutting?

CNC stands for computer numerically controlled. CNC machining and routing are techniques that are able to create a precision shape out of plywood, wood, plastic or MDF through combining the power of computers with strong sheet cutting machinery.

Through using a computer-controlled router, CNC routing is capable of cutting, shaping, drilling materials. This means we are able to take your design which are often provided as CAD (computer aided design) drawings and easily apply this to the material of your choice with exact precision. These processes use extremely large machines, often weighing tonnes, that can perform MDF cutting, plywood cutting, wood or plastic up to several inches thick.

PC abaclix are the owners of some of the largest most productive routers in Europe namely the Axxiom multi head router. With a stack of 10 sheets and two router heads, we can produce 20 components at the same time as a conventional router produces can produce one. And we have two of them!

Therefore we are able to combine this machinery with computer software to produce fast and accurate shapes to your requirements.

Benefits Of CNC Routing & CNC Cutting

A high degree of accuracy
- Less waste - we are able to carry out sheet cutting and MDF cutting  in a way that maximises the use of the materials and reduces waste
- Reduced cost - maximising the use of materials and minimising waste will reduce the cost of your project

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