Apr 18, 2010

Looking for a manufacturer?

Then look no further, PC abaclix Ltd offer the complete one stop service specialising in CNC Machining & Cutting service.

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PC abaclix offer the complete one stop service from simple straight line cutting on our Schelling 3 metre CNC beam saw to intricate shapes and patterns.

One of our three Multihead routers has a 3100 x 2100 bed with a unique stacking system allowing us to produce x10 volumes. In fact one of our routers has 4 routing and 4 drill heads and make short work of the larger quantities such as acrylic shelf risers, number plate blanks. This machine is currently producing 1000 per hour!

We offer simple MDF cutting to intricate shapes and profiles from a one off to 100,000 off, with full packaging and distribution. Materials we regularly process... All rigid sheet plastics, Acrylic, Polycarbonate. Velstone, Corian, Trespa, MDF, Chipboard, Hard/Soft woods, All laminates, Foamex, Di Bond, plywood, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze in fact any non ferries sheet material.

And remember PC abaclix has 27 years CNC Machining experience with "state of the art technology". So check us out today and see what you could be saving.

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