CAD Drawing Service

What is a CAD drawing? and why do I need one?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings contain all the information we require to produce your component. For simple straight line cutting a CAD drawing would not be required however for most routing jobs a CAD drawing is required.

How do I obtain a CAD drawing?

There are a number of CAD applications on the market such as AutoCAD and Solidworks are two popular ones amongst many. Once the design has been drawn in one of these packages a DXF file. (Document Exchange Format or Drawing Interchange Format) can be exported and sent via email to us which we use to programme our machines.

What if I create my designs using a Adobe package such as Illustrator?

One can "Live Trace" in Illustrator and export as a DXF, however these are rarely usable and normally have to be redrawn using a CAD application.

So what can ProCut do to help?

If you are unable to access the appropriate CAD package, ProCut will take your design and produce a full DXF file that is suitable for most CNC machines at a very reasonable cost.

CAD Cutting Capabilities

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