CNC Machining & CNC Routing

CNC Machining

We offer machining services using our 3-axis CNC-controlled routers with sheet stacking and ramping capabilities together with a CNC automatic beam saw, all of which will machine a wide variety of sheet material.
While there are many different types of CNC machinery in use in the UK, our equipment has been developed to provide the following features:

  1. Large bed sizes 3100mm x 2100mm to minimize non-productive handling operations with multi heads in fact one of our machines has 4 routing heads!
  2. High volume.  (one of our routers has 8 heads, 4 spindles with 4 piggy back drill heads)
  3. Fast turnaround.
  4. Very close tolerances. + 0.15mm
  5. Machine beds that take maximum sheet sizes.

CNC Routing

CNC routing is the ideal process for manufacturing flat panel-type components where a simple or complex profile is required. CNC routing is also the first step in the manufacturing process of other fabrications. Virtually any rigid plastic, non ferrous metal or wood can be machined using this technology.
Our CNC routing equipment has been chosen to provide:

  1. The largest standard bed sizes available in the UK
  2. The ability to machine materials up to 150mm thick
  3. Efficient processing software to achieve quick programming and setups
  4. Unique clamping system that allows us to stack sheet material up to 50mm high (a stack of 10 sheets using two router heads produce 20 components in the same time as a conventional router produces one)
  5. Machines that are capable of cutting all rigid sheet material. (We decline to machine steel as there is no facility for coolant in addition to the potential damage steel swarf could have upon decorative surfaces normally associated with plastic and non ferrous metals)

So whatever your cutting requirements ProCut are the No1 choice, call us on 01702 299 540 or email us for further information

See our machines in action in our gallery

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