ProCut are the owners of some of the largest most productive routers in Europe.

ProCut are the owners of some of the largest most productive routers in Europe namely the Axxiom multi head router with unique fully integrated multi sheet system which allows us to stack sheet material of 3100m x 2100mm up to 50mm high. With a stack of 10 sheets and two router heads, we can produce 20 components at the same time as a conventional router produces 1 and we have two of them.

Our Shoda router has 4 router heads with 4 piggy back drills for increased production particularly on smaller components.

ProCut also owns a Schelling beam saw considered the finest make in the world with a 3.1 metre cutting width and turntable air bed to minimise handling  and reduce the potential for scratching..

Other plant includes
Schelling dedicated Radiusing machine ideal for all rigid sheet plastic materials  particularly for pre printed Foamex panels that require radiused corners . Most firms would have to rout these where as ProCut would cut them on the Schelling beam saw and use this machine to put the radius on, this process is a fraction of the cost of routing!

Flame polishing for those acrylic panels that require super shinny edges.

Buff polishing

Polished curves, internal and external.

State of the art IT department with optimisation software to maximise sheet yield so your money does not end up as scrap off cut.

So whatever your cutting requirements ProCut are the No1 choice, call us on 01702 299 540 or email us for further information.

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