The weapon in ProCut’s armoury is EFFICIENCY which begins from the outset with sheet utilisation. As a rule of thumb the bigger the sheet the better the sheet yield and our high performance sheet optimisation software maximises the amount of material used and minimises waste.  This, of course counts for nothing if the machines cannot accept full size sheet. Our machines will take up to 3100 x 2100 and it is even possible to machine longer lengths up to 4.5 metres.

Then we have the ability to stack sheet , that is, we have a unique, fully integrated clamping system which means we do not rely on vacuum to hold and machine one sheet at a time, we can machine 10 sheets at once and with two router heads, produce 20 components to a conventional routers’ 1!

Our third CNC router is the Shoda that has 4 router heads and 4 drilling heads for those jobs that are not suitable for stacking but that is still 4 components to a conventional routers’ one! It is ideal for the small intricate piece parts and we regularly produce components that measure no more than 25mm x 10mm.

Our fourth efficiency saving machine is the Schelling fully automatic CNC beam saw with rotating air bed capable of cutting to the highest standards of accuracy and performance. The turntable means that more material can be loaded for each cutting cycle (up to  ¾tonne)  without having to man handle the sheet .

When used in conjunction with the Schelling beam saw our fifth efficiency saving machine comes into its own.  … The Radiusing machine… for square or rectangular rigid sheet plastic and non ferrous metal panels that require radiused or cropped corners. Accurately cut material comes directly from the Schelling to the radiusing machine that will accept up to 60mm thickness at a time (20 panels of 3mm). It doesn’t need to be programmed and  therefore removes the routering process altogether giving a massive cost savings.

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