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ProCut offer Acrylic cutting and profiling service

ProCut offer a service for cutting, shaping, and profiling plastic, acrylic, Perspex, Plexiglas, polycarbonate...

ProCut has been CNC machining since 1983 when we were distributor/suppliers of Acrylic also known by trades names of Perspex, Plexiglas or just plastic. Other materials machined include Polycarbonate, Foamex, PVC, Styrene, HIPS, Polypropylene, PETG, to name but a few.

Other materials in this range include AMC aluminium composite also known as Di bond and Di lite, Parapan, Apollo, Setapan, Corian, Velstone and Hanex.

Whatever your acrylic cutting requirements ProCut are the No1 choice, call us on 01702 299 540 or email us for further information.

5 Reasons Acrylic users use ProCut

MDF Cutting QualityQuality

ProCut started CNC machining in 1983 when we were acrylic distributors, so we know our stuff and have invested heavily in "State of the Art" machine technology and staff training to ensure a top quality job every time. We believe our craftspeople are second to none.

MDF Cutting ReliabilityReliability

ProCut understands that deadlines are critical. Indeed many of our regular customers are stage/film/exhibition providers, where there are NO TIME EXTENSIONS, which is vital for those UK and worldwide roll outs.

MDF Cutting SpeedSpeed

ProCut are the proud owners of the only two Multihead, Multi-Stacking 3m x 2m routers in Europe, giving X10 productivity. Having other routers with four routing heads and running production 24/7 we are unbeatable on turnaround time.

MDF Cutting CapacityCapacity

"ProCut's routing might is equal to the output of 28 individual standard routers! To complement this we have our 3m Schelling Automatic Beam Saw with a rotating turn table, a Shoda CNC Router with 4 routing and 4 drilling heads and a dedicated Schelling Radiusing machine with the capacity to cut multiple thicknesses up to 65mm at a time. This makes it infinitely faster than setting up a router to put radiuses on corners."

MDF Cutting PricePrice

In a very competitive market place ProCut are able to stay ahead of the competition by investing in multihead, multistacking routers which means we can produce X10 X20 at a time over our competitors.

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